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How To Choose High-quality Resin Zipper?

May 17, 2017

1, resin zipper limit code selection: up and down must be closely linked to the microphone or pliers on the microphone, you must ensure that its strong and perfect.

2, resin zipper pull the first choice: metal zipper pull the shape of more, the finished product can be small and meticulous, can also be rugged majestic. But no matter what kind of pull the head, have to feel the pull of the pull is comfortable, will not pull the zipper can not pull or not close the phenomenon. Now the sale of the resin on the market with a self-locking device, so pull the zipper, the test under the lock after the zipper will be fixed down.

3, the choice of cloth: metal resin zipper fabric is the raw material of polyester thread, suture, the core line and other different types of silk composition, its weight, color are different, so easy to produce in the same zipper Color difference, this time in the selection of cloth to choose evenly dyeing, no muddy point, different fabrics produced fabric are soft to the main soft.

4, the choice of micro-teeth: metal zipper of the teeth is also electroplated color, so the purchase must pay attention to whether the surface color is uniform, there is no color flower phenomenon, pull up and down when the zipper is smooth. Zipper in the pull, you must observe whether the left and right teeth are engaged with each other, asymmetric zipper teeth will certainly affect the use of zippers.

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