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How To Prevent Metal Zipper Discoloration?

May 17, 2017

Under normal circumstances, copper alloy with acid, alkali, oxides, reducing substances and sulfide reaction, the formation of colored salts. When the chemical elements in the surrounding fabric are very full, the metal parts of the zipper, such as the teeth, the pull head, the upper and lower ends and the opening of the gold, will be discolored, and such chemical reactions easily occur under high temperature and humidity conditions The For example, if a product is directly packaged in a sewing process or packaged in a plastic bag for a long time, such chemical reactions may occur. The colored fabric that produces the reaction will undergo discoloration, and the sulfur-containing soft cloth will fade the copper alloy and produce a stain.

1. When the metal zipper with the wool together with bleaching, it will occur discoloration. Yifeng zipper factory tell you how to prevent metal zipper discoloration?

Usually, the wool can be bleached by the following method;

 * Use of oxidant bleach (hydrogen peroxide, etc.)

 * Use of reducing agent bleaching (hydrogen sulfide, etc.)

   In addition, some woolen fabrics in order to wear, will use chlorine oxide with bleaching.

   If not fully washed or neutralized, especially without sulfate and chloride treatment, will produce gas (chlorine, sulfur dioxide, etc.) in wet conditions, this sub-sulfite and chlorine oxides can be directly on the metal surface react. For example, if the wool is stored in the bag immediately after ironing, various chemical elements and gases will cause discoloration of the metal surface.