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The Color Fastness And Performance Of Zippers

May 17, 2017

Belt is a very important part of the zipper, manufacturers in the process of matching zippers also need to pay attention to the cloth, color fastness is the performance of the zipper cloth collectively, which effectively includes the friction to wash Sex and so on.

Zipper cloth is mainly due to the use of dyeing fabric processing process, will be subject to some external factors, it will directly lead to its fading phenomenon, this degree of fade is that we often say that the color of the bottom, which is also effective Of the resistance to light fastness, resistance to soap and wash fastness.

Zipper cloth in the course of the use of its different sun will promote the destruction of the structure of the fuel itself, which will lead to its cloth directly to the discoloration and discoloration of the situation, sweat to some extent there will be some Decentralized fuel resistant to light fastness.

In the above two of its composite effect, the impact will become greater, so to use the zipper color on the time to keep bright, be sure to use those who through its anti-UV enhanced or directly selected with high sun prison Degree zipper.