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The Durability Of The Resin Zipper And The Cause Of The Color Difference

May 17, 2017

Resin zipper in the course of the use of various types of occasions can be used, but the product is generally prefer to use the pocket in the clothing, resin zipper in the processing process is mainly based on copolymer formaldehyde, the cost of Nylon zipper and metal zipper middle.

Resin zipper durability than the nylon zipper and metal zipper are better, in the course of the process will often use the resin zipper head of the paint, and sometimes will use the plating, the product in the limit code selection process, the upper and lower must To keep the teeth or pliers on the teeth.

Resin zipper finished product can be small and detailed can also be bold and magnificent, but no matter what the pull the head, should feel the pull of the pull is easy, will not occur its zipper pull or do not disturb the phenomenon , Now on the market for sale of resin pull with a self-locking device.

Resin zipper After pulling the zipper, it is necessary to check whether the zipper will be slid down after the lock is fixed. The raw material of the product is made of different types of silk, such as polyester thread, suture, center wire and so on. Coloring is different.