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The Origin Of The Zipper And The Daily Maintenance Attention

May 17, 2017

He went to a shop to buy iron spoon, the shop owner of the store all kinds of items are placed very neatly, especially the iron spoon placed very clever, above the line of the spoon hanging on the iron bar, the following Of the line is spoon bucket on, with the above line of the spoon together to form a staggered layout. Sen Baker selected the following iron spoon, dragged down did not even drag down.

This inspired Senbeck, he proposed by the "teeth, pull nose and bag" three parts to form a "zipper" new ideas. He changed the shape of the "zipper" tooth shape into a spoon-like shape, the top was convex, the end of the concave, sliding device can slide around the "tooth-like part" chuck, and then slip back to separate.

People now common zipper was born, Senbeck began mass production zipper, and lobbying department store zipper installed on the clothes. But because of the previous zipper quality is not good, to the people left a bad impression has not yet eliminated, Sen Baker did not receive the number of orders. Until the military because the zipper allows soldiers to save the clothing speed and a large number of orders, zipper spring came, and gradually to the world.