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Waterproof Color Fastener Zipper And Procurement Requirements

May 17, 2017

Water-resistant zipper color fastness under normal circumstances will require its zipper in 80 degrees hot water soak for 15min, and compared to the original will be greater than 4, waterproof zipper shrinkage, mainly refers to the zipper water shrinkage is not greater than 3%, dry shrinkage of not more than 3%. The

In order to be able to effectively ensure the safety of zipper use in children's clothing, we use the process not only to control the chemical composition of its waterproof zipper, but also on the metal parts are required to recommend the use of its injection of the top and bottom .

Different countries and regions of the textile environmental protection and ecological requirements are not the same, the waterproof zipper inspection methods are different, especially for azo, non-heavy metals and check the needle and other aspects of the requirements vary widely.

Waterproof zipper in the procurement process is best to indicate the export of its products and countries, directly to the requirements of the composition of the zipper, zipper in the procurement process is best to tell the zipper manufacturers, products, whether it is used In which product, the product has no special post-processing requirements.