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Zipper History

Jul 27, 2017

It sucks to get home to find your new shirt has a hole in the pocket. Or that the slacks you thought 

were a steal actually have a broken zipper.

The two prototypes of the zipper are Elias Howe (1851) and Whitcomb Judson (patent in 1891 and 1893), known as "self-locking". Both of them are twisted by hook rings; The former is not commercially manufactured, and the latter is used for shoes and boots.
The modern zipper was invented in 1914 by Swedish American electrical engineer gidien senbeek, who was an employee of Judson's company. He and twisted to replace the hook ring structure, apply for the independent patent in 1917, called "split button" (Separable Fastener). Zippers were popular in children and men's clothing in the 1920s and 1930s. At this time, two of the exercises are held together at the lower end, which is then separated for use on the coat.