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Zipper Rust Treatment And Cleaning

May 17, 2017

Zipper in the process of making the copper alloy containing brass, copper and copper and other materials made of metal zipper, in the course of the use of its metal products or wool products, the zipper will be due to the role of metal oxidation Part of the teeth appear black phenomenon.

Zipper in the process of processing in the process of remaining on the product, the product of its gas will directly cause its metal zipper discoloration of its situation, the rubber band itself will contain sulfide, mainly with rubber band bundled metal zipper, the metal Zipper teeth will produce vulcanization phenomenon.

Although the oxidation of the metal is a property of the metal, in order to reduce the degree of discoloration and the surface of the brush, please promptly the zipper head Wrapped with copy paper.

In the process of washing clothes must pull the zipper, and then fixed in the pull the head, if not pull the pull of the head, the top will be scratched cloth, to a certain extent, its bags will be extended, strong detergency Of the detergent and chlorine-containing bleach will dissolve the zipper surface of the paraffin and oily film.