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Zipper Washing And Protection In Life

May 17, 2017

Zipper washing and living in the protection of the following methods we will be divided into two aspects: the second is the situation in life, one is in the process of processing the production of a problem in the usual life: in our daily life, a lot of time Will have contact with the zipper, and sometimes also worry about it. Because we will encounter the clothes on the zipper to buy not long after the bad; children's clothes on the zipper pull out; plunger out; cloth with the stick out of some of the problems. In fact, we pay little attention to life will avoid a similar situation occurred: life, the biggest damage to the zipper is in the laundry, usually we may not pay attention to the clothes with zipper directly on the washing machine Washed, in the process of washing, due to the role of clothing will be in the washing machine in the non-stop rolling, zipper and the machine will continue to friction within the wall or collision, this time there is no appropriate protection of the zipper, the opportunity to Some small parts, such as boxes, rods, etc., are stuck by some parts of the machine (such as the drain holes of the washing machine), resulting in the displacement or shedding of these small parts after being continuously twisted. Also, when washing clothes, if the clothes are washed with zipper clothes, try not to put clothes together to wash, because a lot of clothing will increase the zipper contact with the machine wall, increasing the severity of friction.