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Zodiac True And False Identification And Precautions

May 17, 2017

If the zipper in accordance with its type can be effectively divided into nylon, resin, metal, according to the number of its pull should be divided into pull zipper and double pull zipper, YKK zipper is the user's product is the most used resin zipper is Nylon zipper.

Zipper true and false identification, whether it is zipper handle and zipper head at least one will have a YKK logo, especially the zipper handle position font is common is the width and narrow body, under normal circumstances wide body is generally 07, Beginning in 2008.

Single pull zipper Whether it is nylon zipper or resin zipper in the use of the process will have a common feature is the lower end of the zipper above it will have its YKK zipper logo, under normal circumstances this logo will be really zipper.

Zipper to see the end of its end to see the end of the end of the end, if the end of the end if it is really YKK, resin zipper in general circumstances will be used to terminate the smooth edges and corners, nylon zipper is generally a metal or plastic clip to grab the zipper Pull over the head.

Double pull the head of the YKK zipper in general is the use of resin zipper is more, such products are generally used in Jackets, Fleece, down jacket and soft shell above, such products in the use of the process have a common The characteristics of the use of 5VS series is a big match.